6 basic means of attaining web site traffic

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6 basic means of attaining web site traffic
Do you have a website? Well, congrats because this is just the first step in your branding. The relevance of building a website is based on its viability to deliver on the main goals and objectives. Regardless, at the center stage of this conversation is online traffic. The Macmillan diction assumes online traffic as the ability of an online platform to attract more visitors. An online presence won’t be able to attain its objectives such as branding and communication if it doesn’t draw as much public attention as possible.  The following are some of the approaches an individual can adopt in order to attain optimal website traffic.

  1. Be Social

Generating great write-ups by itself isn’t enough. A website manager ought to be proactive enough to engage other social channels of engagement such as social media and emails so as to promote their contents. For example, the use of Google+ could offer an opportunity for the site to feature within personalized search results, while the use of emails would boost the scope of reach to respective audiences or readers. Sociability could also be achieved by adhering to social, political, and economic landscapes of the day.

be proactive enough to engage other social channels

  1. Eye catching headlines

Personally, I find extremely technical headlines boring. Lack of compelling headlines can put the readability of comprehensive web pages in jeopardy. Mastering the concept of headline writing could be a credible solution to this underlying.

  1. Use advertisements

Adverts can be deducted as a common way of promoting landing pages.  Website managers may engage various advertisement platforms such as social media ads, and paid search to attract visitors, build up and sustain brands visibility.

  1. Mix formula

From my experience as a blogger, I haven’t identified a particular effective promotional or marketing tool that guarantees huge traffic. Exploring various promotional approaches increases your scope to attaining optimal web traffic. For example, a blogger can decide to promote his web page on social media, in search engines, and landing pages. Also, additional email marketing could come in handy.


  1. Blog and Blog

The failure to constantly update your web pages leaves the blog site or website inactive limiting its ability to improve traffic. However, a site which is under constant updates would likely uphold high search rankings, and more so, regularly draw new traffic. Conversely, in this regard, regular blog post updates don’t mean that a blogger should not use existing contents.

  1. Understand your Audience

It is important to decide who you intend to engage with your content.  For example, if you are blogging about infant health issues, then potential and lactating mothers would be the best bet for you. Though, some “blanket website hit” could develop into sales in the long –run. Audience targeting is a more efficient and effective approach. Additionally, you are likely to get long-term visitors hence clients with proper audience targeting.

To conclude, as illustrated above, web pages and blogs are gaining momentum as preferred marketing and promotional tools of this age. In this debate, I undertake that it’s all about the game of numbers. Regardless of the comprehensibility of a landing page, it remains as a dumb shell if it cannot attract a certain amount of traffic that can eventually grow the business.


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